Contemporary Branding for Classic Characters

The following is an assembly of logos I created as a personal challenge.  Each was created for a fictional "client" from a piece of classic literature.

Bob Ewell

To Kill a Mockingbird

  • Located in Maycomb, AL

  • Known as the town drunk

  • Doesn't actually drink


Moby Dick

  • Hails from the South Pacific

  • Builds his own coffin (which doubles as a flotation device)

Mr. Charrington


  • Sells journals and coral paperweights

  • Fond of St. Clements Church

  • Skilled undercover agent


Animal Farm

  • Creator of Animalism

  • Usurped by his former comrade

  • Destroyed the Windmill (allegedly)


The Old Man and the Sea

  • Located near Havana, Cuba

  • Catches the biggest marlin ever seen 
    (but only makes it home with the head)

General Zaroff

The Most Dangerous Game

  • Has hunted every animal imaginable

  • Hunts humans out of boredom

  • Quite personable otherwise

  • Black LinkedIn Icon
  • Black Facebook Icon
  • Black Instagram Icon

Colton Starley