Client Objectives

The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce operates the Small Business Council, which in turn operates three subcommittees of its own.  This project sought to create specific brands for each while still being noticeably tied to the existing Gilbert Chamber of Commerce branding.

Important challenges included:

  • A limited color palette of navy blue, orange, and lime green;
    we solved this by expanding the color palette to include tonally-similar burgundy and salmon colors

  • An extremely limited brand typeface (Niva Sans); we added structurally similar typefaces to differentiate the brands.

The Small Business Council oversees the other three subcommittees.  This one required only a thumbnail and will be used sparingly, and always in conjunction with the full Gilbert Chamber logo.

Some key points I considered while designing the logo included:

  • Abstracted arrow design denotes the Chamber logo without explicitly copying it

  • Keeps to the Chamber's existing brand standards by using the existing orange and Niva Bold fonts

The Women Empowered subcommittee seeks specifically to promote woman-owned businesses within the chamber.  The challenge here was to create something professional and distinctly feminine without being stereotypical or cliche.

Some key points I considered while designing the logo included:

  • Serif typeface differentiates the brand from the Gilbert Chamber, but synergizes well with the existing brand typeface

  • "W" monogram incorporates a transitional serif design to invoke femininity and professionalism

  • Secondary salmon color compliments the existing brand colors

The Young Professionals subcommittee exists as a networking tool, specifically aimed toward young people, to meet and find new business opportunities in a casual and relaxed setting (frequently over drinks).

Some key points I considered while designing the logo included:

  • Slab serif typeface paired with the bold, condensed sans serif evokes the pairing of sophistication with trendy, young ideals

  • "Y" subtly resembles a martini glass

  • Secondary burgundy color(s) compliment existing brand colors

The GEMtalks group hosts educational seminars led by local professionals -- like the Gilbert equivalent of a TED Talk.

Some key points I considered while designing the logo included:

  • Lettermark uses a modified Niva Sans, keeping to the existing branding

  • Color scheme sticks to existing branding

  • Thumbnail and expanded logo options allow a horizontal logo to reproduce well in any format

  • Black LinkedIn Icon
  • Black Facebook Icon
  • Black Instagram Icon

Colton Starley