The following is an assembly of my best work at The Lumberjack.

I served as The Lumberjack's Director of Illustration from January 2018 until my graduation in May 2019.  During that time, I created over 125 illustrations, advertisements, and cover designs.  I also oversaw a rotating cast of volunteer illustrators which ranged in size from just four to over to two dozen.

"President Trump" Special Issue

Cover art

Cover design for the "President Trump" special issue, examining the unconventional beginnings of the Trump presidency.  Printed in February 2018.

Ending Colorism in the Black Community

Written by Peggy Packer

Colorism is a huge problem in the black community. We need to stop valuing lighter-skinned people over those with darker skin.


A response to President Trump's op-ed article​

Written by Caitlyn Burke

President Donald Trump penned his very own op-ed article published by USA Today about how his efforts in protecting Medicare should not go humbly unnoticed by the American people. However, beneath the mounds of humility and modesty, Trump is actually going off on a rant that contradicts himself entirely.

Female AI perpetuate stereotypes

Written by Sheridan Hatch

Unconscious stereotypes in society contribute to people's comfort with female Artificial Intelligence voices. Those voices are used and perpetuate the original stereotypes.

"Sexual Health and Wellness" Special Issue

Cover art

Cover design for the "Sexual Health and Wellness" special issue, printed in April 2018.


Written by Chandler Coiner

In January, the NAU Faculty Senate felt marginalized over a circumvention from the university on important academic issues. Now, students are getting involved by pushing back with a petition to end multi-termenrollment.


American football worship: chasing a ball for U.S. pride

Written by Elizabeth Wendler

Football is overrated, okay?

Trump tweets, but should he?

Written by Caitlyn Burke

Donald Trump has repeatedly tweeted immature statements as the president of the United States. It's high time a member of the White House press take over his twitter account.

"Millennials" Special Issue

Cover art

Cover design for the "Millennials" special issue, examining stereotypes of the new generation. Printed in September 2017.


Bill allowing non-lethal weapons on campus advances

Written by Tiera Oliver

The Arizona Board of Regents opposes Arizona’s House of Representatives bill allowing non-lethal weapons on state university communities, colleges and private postsecondary school campuses.

"Flagstaff Then and Now" Special Issue

Cover art

Cover design for the "Flagstaff Then and Now" special issue, examining the variety of recent changes in the Flagstaff area.  Printed in March 2018.

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Colton Starley